Al-Ghazali Supplementary School Ramadan Programme 2022

Al-Ghazali Centre would like to wish all of our pupils, parents, staff, volunteers and community members a blessed month of Ramadan.

As you are aware during the Holy month of Ramadan we have a variety of extra activities and competitions for the whole school community to take part in, pupils and families.


Below is a list of activities. Please encourage your children to take part and you are all welcome to the family events.


1. Ramadan Quran competition: For pupils in the school.


You can register your child by sending us an email with your child’s name, surahs/option no, by Wednesday 20th April 2022 to Please note some levels have only one option. Pupils will be tested on 23rd April during school time. Results will be announced on Saturday 7th May and prizes will be given to the winners.


a) Quran Hifth competition




Level one

Reception class only

  1. Surat Al-Fatiha, Al-Nass, Al-Falq and Al-Ikhlass.

Level two

6-8 yrs

1. Surat An-Nass, Al-Falq, Al-Ikhlass, Al-Masad and An-Nasr.

Level three

7-10 yrs

1. Surat At-Takathur, Al-Qari’ah and Al-‘Adiyat.

  1. Surat Ad-Dhuha, Al-Layl and Ashamas.
  2. Surat Al-Balad and Al-Fajr.
  3. Surat Al-Mutafifeen and Al-Inshiqaq.

Level four

10-13 yrs

1. Surat Al-Mursalat.

2. Surat Al-Insan.

3. Surat Al-Qiyamah.

4. Surat Al-Ma’arij.

5. Surat Al-Mulk.

Level five

12-15 yrs

1. Surat At-Taghabun.

2. Surat Al-Munafiqun.

3. Surat Al-Jum’ah.

Level six

14-16 yrs

1. Surat As-Saf.

2. Surat Al-Hashr.

3. Surat Al-Waqi’ah.


b) Quran Tilawah competition




Level one

8-13 yrs

1. Surat An-Naba.

Level two

10-15 yrs

1. Surat At-Tur.

2. Surat Athariyat.

Level three

13-16 yrs

1. Surat Yasin.

Level four

13-16 yrs

1. Surat Al-Kahf.

2. Surat Al-Baqarah.


2. Ramadan Quiz:


This will take place internally during the weekly Ramadan assemblies. Children will be asked questions about Ramadan, the Quran etc and they will have the opportunity to win prizes. Please encourage your children to do some reading about Ramadan, learn a few facts and take part in the weekly competitions.


3. Tilawah sessions:


This year we want to do a bit more to emphasise that Ramadan is the month of the Quran and will be providing extra Tilawah sessions for those children who would like to take part. The sessions will be half an hour before school starts from 10.30-11am. If you want your child to take part, please bring them promptly at 10.30am.


4. Ramadan School assemblies:


There will be two assemblies every Saturday, one for the younger children and one for the older children. We will cover three topics during Ramadan (Fasting & it’s health benefits, Ramadan & Quran, and lessons learnt from the month of Ramadan).


5. Sponsor an orphan:


As you are aware, Ramadan is the month of giving and blessings, and rewards are multiplied. We want our pupils to understand the concept of Sadaqah and its reward, we have therefore chosen Human Appeal’s One million Orphan appeal. We want every class to sponsor one or more orphans during the month of Ramadan. We need every child to bring a min of £1 every week during the month of Ramadan to enable us to sponsor as many orphans as possible. We strongly encourage you to support your child with this initiative ensuring they bring their weekly contribution and explaining to them the reward for sponsoring an orphan.

Anyone who wishes to sponsor an orphan can donate £35 per month or £420 per year. We will support you to set this up.


6. Ramadan and Eid decorations:                                          


We would like to encourage parents to take pictures of any Ramadan and Eid decorations you have set up at your home. We will share the photos on our website and social media to share the excitement of both Ramadan and Eid. Please note that by sending us the photos you are giving us permission to put them on our website and social media.


7. Eid Card Competion:


All pupils can take part in the Eid card competition by designing an Eid card. All cards must be handed into the centre by 23rd April. The winning Eid card will be sent to all our families as an Eid greeting from the school.


8. Ramadan Family iftar:


With the lifting of covid restrictions we want to celebrate Ramadan as a community and invite you all to our family Iftars, every Saturday during Ramadan. Saturday 9th, 16th and 23rd from 7pm. Please come along with your families and bring a dish. There will be an Islamic reminder/Quranic circle before we break the fast insha Allah.



We look forward to your participation in all the activities we have planned to make it a Ramadan to remember.



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