Al-Ghazali Ramadan Programme

We would like to wish you and your families a Ramadan Mubarak and pray that Allah accepts our fasting and good deeds in this blessed month.

 We would like to inform you that we will be hosting the following competitions during the month of Ramadan for both pupils and parents:

 1. Our annual Quran memorisation competition for pupils and parents:

 You can register your child and yourself by sending us an email with your name and/or your child’s name, and the category you wish to enter by Friday 30th April 2020 to or call us on the number above. We will contact you towards the last ten days of Ramadan to inform you of how you will be tested and after Eid we will announce the winners.

Pupils: Quran memorisation competition consisting of six categories.

 Category 1 is for reception class pupils only, categories 2 to 6 are for all other pupils. Pupils can choose any one of categories 2 to 6, it is their choice which category they would like to take part in.

 Category 1: Surat Al-Fatiha, Surat Al-Nass, Surat Al-Falq, Surat Al-Ikhlass (Reception class pupils only)

Category 2: Surat Al-Qadr

Category 3: 󠇛Surat Al-Layl

Category 4: 󠇛Surat Al-Ghashiyah

Category 5: 󠇛Surat Al-Burooj

Category 6: 󠇛Surat Al-Naba

 Parents: Quran memorisation competition.

To memorise the whole of Surat Yaseen


2. Our annual Ramadan Quiz:

 For the Quiz, we will put up one question everyday throughout the 30 days of Ramadan on our website. To access the questions please go to , scroll down and then go into LATEST NEWS page and email us your answer daily to or call us on 0151 734 3843. After Eid we will announce the winners.

 3. Ramadan decorations at home:

 We would like to encourage parents to get the whole family ready for Ramadan by making and decorating your homes. Please take pictures of your children making the decorations and photos when everything has been set up. We will share the photos on our website and social media. Please note that by sending us the photos you are giving us permission to put them on our website and social media.

 4. Eid Card Competition:

 Design and make your own Eid card and send us a picture by 25th of Ramadan. The winning design will be used it as the schools Eid card and will be sent to all our families to as an Eid greeting from the school.

 As we are all spending a lot of time at home we encourage you and your children to take part in as many of the above activities as possible and to take advantage of the Holy month of Ramadan with prayer, Dua’a and Quran. Ramadan is the month of the Quran and blessings are abundant during this month. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

 If you require any support or information about the above or with any other personal matters then please contact us, we are here to support you and your families with any needs you may have.

We ask Allah SWT to shower his mercy on us all and to return our lives to normality very soon.

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